Gnostics, Yahweh, and Cosmic Mid East War

(Part V)

There is yet a further chapter to the Orion-Yahweh story. As the Orion group (around 1600 BCE), "found fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of negativity among the same peoples [originally aided by Yahweh 75,000 years ago] who had come gradually to dwell in the vicinity of Egypt", according to Ra, they made a major coup. They actually usurped use of the very name "Yahweh" -- arrogating to themselves all good works of earlier Jewish traditions -- thus luring the Hebrews to a sense of inspirational continuity (albeit falsely). "The [real and now replaced] one known as Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities [the Hebrews whom they helped 75,000 years before]. However, the Orion group had been able to impress upon the[se] peoples the name 'Yahweh' as the one responsible for this elitism" (p.210) -- and as no one suspected the new source of information, the old Yahweh was sidelined.

And so (again, according to Ra), the Hebrews continued to worship Yahweh as the Creator-God, not realizing they were in fact now worshipping the Orion group! -- a group committed to human degradation and the institution of total domination over them. To many observers, the continued practice of animal sacrifice, priestly moral dogmatism and hierarchy, and the severe code of rules, regulations and punishments (many still followed by the ultra-orthodox today) were all quite inconsistent with the dictates of a true, loving God. According to this view, such activity merely supported latent Orion hegemony over their misguided followers, exercised through information-projection (so-called revelation) coming from inner (non-physical) planes surrounding the human realm.

Gnostic criticism of Yahweh as a false, jealous god are perfectly consistent with Ra's account of the Orion name-change/usurpation which turned Judaic religious fervor (originally directed towards worship of true divinity) towards the way of self-service and elitist domination of surrounding, heterogeneous groups. Thus, the name "Yahweh" as used in the Old Testament (to the extent it refers to a negative ET source) is indeed a false god, and rightly shouldn't be considered the creator of our world. Those seeking adulation, both human and non-human, tend to always set themselves up to be feared and obeyed.

In accordance with Gnostic views, such a false-Yahweh was but a conglomeration of controlling forces hostile to humanity and to the expression of loving divinity in general. This personification is roughly comparable to the portrayal of the Archons ontologically (as powers and principalities of "darkness") if not cosmologically (acting as warders to established human mind-imprisonment in the 3rd dimensional matrix). Personally, I think the discussion here is far more serious than quaint historico-religious metaphor, which is how academic scholars would normally see it.

Gnostic opinions of Yahweh as the creator of unfortunate, pain-ridden Earth are not, however, confirmed by Ra (whose opinion I share) -- but, again, their sense of the newly established false-Yahweh as an inferior spiritual entity of evil mien is fully supported by Ra's history. The basic Gnostic condemnation of Jewish temple practice and ritual (criticized by Jesus as well) is also backed up by Ra's account. How interesting it is that this channeled source of so-called "New Age" literature produced from 1981-84 sheds such light on documents nearly 2000 years old.

There is a curious passage in the Gospel of Philip that seems to suggest some Gnostics did know of the Yahweh name-change, and perhaps the negative-ET Orion contingent as well. It is a veiled passage to be sure, but is quite provocative in light of what Ra's statements as the metaphysical fit is nearly perfect (bracketed comments added):

"The powers wanted to deceive man, since they saw that he had a kinship with those that are truly good [the original, benevolent-ET Yahweh group]. They took the name of those that are good and gave it to those that are not good [the later, Orion false-Yahweh], so that through the names they might deceive him and bind them to those that are not good... These things they knew, for they wanted to take the free man and make him a slave to them forever" (Robinson, p.133).

The original "kinship" was with the true Confederation entity Yahweh (the "truly good"); its name was then given to the Orion crusaders ("those that are not good"); through this means the Jewish people were fooled and bound to negatively oriented impressing spiritual forces, whose goal was (and remains) perpetual human conflict. If so, it seems Orion has been quite effective in the three millennia since first interception of Judaic divine access -- to the detriment of the Jewish race, evidenced by their ceaseless persecution, as well as all those around them. Whatever the nature of so-called Yahweh, the history of the peoples under his tutelage doesn't reflect too well on the nature of that entity itself.

And the goal of all this? Not necessarily Jewish domination of the world at all, to the contrary of a common strain of conspiracy theory. The ultimate goal is the establishment of Orion elite puppet-groups all around the world to aid the Orion group's spiritual conquest of Earth ("to make him a slave to them forever"), regardless of race, creed or ethnicity, abetted by the operative "holy war" principle of righteous domination. The issue of human subjugation (by other humans, sponsored from above) is far deeper than merely standard anti-Jewish conspiracy, though according to Ra's view, the ancient Hebrews did represent a leading edge by which inroads were made into human collective thought, unbeknownst to them.

All these ideas are supported by the passage from the Gospel of Philip, which leads me to believe at least some Gnostic teachers knew the inner story about the Hebrews, related to Old Testament origins of this particular version of "Yahweh, the wrathful god." That they added elaborate Persian-Kabalistic cosmologies and also had a political stake in criticizing religious orthodoxy, doesn't really weaken their case. We can assume some Gnostics did know about the esoteric cosmo-dynamic intentions bound up with the post-Mosaic Jewish dispensation, and rightly set themselves against and outside it.

They may well have veiled their teachings for their own protection, yet left scattered seeds of truth to convey an essential message to the few initiates who might be present. This is a very common esoteric means of hiding truth from those "without eyes to see," and many esoteric students see just such veiling in certain statements made by Jesus, as well.

As for the original, benevolent Yahweh group's final communication to humanity subsequent to the Orion duplicity, Ra said the following: "the old Yahweh, now unnamed, but meaning "He comes", began to send positively oriented philosophy. This was approximately, in your past, of 3,300 years. Thus, the intense portion of what has become known as Armageddon was joined" (p.210). The Mid East has since then been in near-constant strife, conditioned by the seeds of conflict sown there over three millennia ago. No surprise today all eyes are focused on ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq), the Persian Gulf, and the state of Israel, as trigger points primed to explode the final world war in this cycle of human history.

It is not far fetched to see in this drama the hidden hand of powers of darkness above, and even current Judeo-Christian thinkers often conceive of modern times as "end-times" in similar terms, though without specific focus on Yahweh and negative-ET agents. Such definition of Armageddon -- the "battleground" of positive and negative forces impressing humanity with thoughts of freedom/justice, versus those promoting elitism/strife -- is in accord with the old phrase "War in Heaven" and the axiom, "as above -- so below."

The centrality of the Mid East in global history (as humanity's primal, and perhaps final place of reckoning), is no accident at all, and stems from definite causes and local conditions of regional groups. Perhaps some of the ancient Gnostics knew how important their particular part of the world really was for human destiny -- the navel of the world, the axis upon which young humanity would choose its cosmic orientation.

. . .