Gnostics, Yahweh, and Cosmic Mid East War

(Part III)

Throughout The Ra Material there is extended discussion of this inter-dimensional, multi-planetary, somewhat rival alliance of other galactic civilizations, united (albeit, with constant internal strife) loosely in accord with what is considered the path of service to self -- soul evolution devoid of qualities of love and compassion. In some Buddhist-Hindu traditions, this is called "the left-hand path," the way of the Asuras or fighting, jealous, angry gods.

Their primary goal is the complete subjugation of primitive (3rd dimensional) planets and the propagation of materialism, greed, mental distortion, injustice and suffering through creation of elitist social structures. The notions of Klingons and Romulans from Star Trek, and Darth Vader and his cohorts in Star Wars, all approximate the nature and means of this local quasi-feudal hierarchy. As a whole, it is as devoted to divisiveness as Ra's Confederation is to the loving self-unification of all life. Again, we hear echoes of the Gnostic polarized cosmology.

In relation to the present discussion, Ra notes that the Orion group had a hand in fostering the same control-based patterns that Yahweh's previous Confederation service had mistakenly laid open. In one of the most telling passages of relevance to the last 3,000 years of human history, Ra notes:

"The Orion group were able to use this distortion of mind/body complex [a sense of superiority from improved genetics] to inculcate the thoughts of the elite rather than concentrations upon the learning/teaching of oneness... Wherein the [human] entities of free will had chosen a less positively oriented configuration of sum total vibratory complex, those of the Orion group were able for the first time to make serious inroads upon the consciousness of the planetary complex" (italics added, p.175).

No doubt, this depiction of the Orion group intervention is quite similar to the Archonic powers whom the Gnostics considered originators of the Hebrew religion and core social conceptions. The varied ideals of a "chosen" establishment of repressive and rigidly intolerant hierarchical priestly orthodoxy (at least at that time), and the substitution of teachings valuing power and wrath above love and self-sacrifice (Old vs. New Testament philosophies) -- all these are clear examples of service-to-self philosophy and practice.

However, this entire group ethos is considered but a distortion of the wholly positive, love-based intentions of the true Confederation group member that originally came under the name, Yahweh. What essentially befell the Hebrew group of that time, according to Ra, is a case of mistaken identity -- wholly comparable to naïve humanity's attachment to a false god over the true, invisible Godhead.

Nevertheless, Orion is said to have heavily distorted many aspects of current, normative Hebrew religion. When asked about the origin of the Ten Commandments, Ra stated: "The origin of these commandments follows the law of negative entities impressing information upon positively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes [here, impressed upon Moses, whom Ra considered an extremely benevolent soul]. The information attempted to copy or ape positivity while retaining negative characteristics" (p.152).

Ra identified the source of the distorted aspects of the Ten Commandments as Orion, who found in Moses a "recipient" of extreme positivity, thus accounting for some of the pseudo-positive characteristics of the information received." However, they were able to twist his earlier, pure reception of spiritual truth (again, from the original Yahweh), "due to his people's pressure to do specific physical things in the third-density planes. This left the entity [Moses] open for the type of information and philosophy of a self-service nature" (italics added, p.152).

Interestingly, this shows us how a simple message of loving unity, dignity and respect for others became distorted by that group's insistent need to do something physical in the human world (ie, in "third-density," the plane of physical humanity). It is not that Ra here recommends killing, stealing, lying, and all other prohibited actions of the Commandments, of course. Their point is simply that when humans demand their leader to tell them what to do and what not to do, then the doors to negative control and deception are opened. Tyrants, dictators and fascists are always supported atop the voluntary abnegation of self-responsibility of the peoples they rule. Thus, Ra states that the Orion group came to the early Hebrews in the guise of the original Confederation entity, Yahweh, becoming, in effect, a "false-Yahweh" -- in a manner curiously similar to just what the Gnostics claimed.

In terms of true sanctity and appreciation of universal love, it is merely a slight shift of consciousness that is needed to realize the Law of One (the innate perfection of all life). The path of action leading to such enlightenment cannot be encoded in rule and dogma, and can only follow from the self-achieved spiritualization of the human mind complex, in freedom and self-willed personal decision. This is, in fact, just what the early Gnostics taught when they avoided rule-bound ethical codes. They believed the fully awakened pneumatic (a human soul in union with universal pneuma, or spirit) could act freely in any way he or she decided, since their mind and spirit were already illumined by immanent spiritual truth.

Again, anti-social license is neither the point nor the goal; in fact, most world mystics and more than a few Gnostic groups lived strict ascetic lives. Rather, both Ra and the Gnostic teachers are pointing to the fact that spiritual enlightenment and the full development of human capacity can only proceed from true personal freedom in balance, not slavish submission to rigid dogma. This was their main bone of contention against the Judeo-Christian orthodoxy of their day.

Importantly, following this narrative about Orion contribution to the Ten Commandments Ra also noted that, "this [time period] was an intensive, shall we say, battleground between positively oriented forces of Confederation origin and negatively oriented sources" (p.152). We will return later to this point when we consider Yahweh's third contact with humanity: the dispensation of positive information through human channels. Personally, I believe the roots of the current Mid East conflict can be found in just this particular Orion, negative ET contact. In my opinion, the ancient Gnostics knew enough about it to focus their attention on the issue of Yahweh as a pivotal warning to the future fate of humanity.

. . .