Gnostics, Yahweh, and Cosmic Mid East War

(Part II)

When we move then to investigating The Ra Material and its ideas about Yahweh and his role in human affairs, we approach another vast system of teachings within which this topic is but a fragment. This series of five books (also called The Law of One, in which I'll draw only from the first volume) transcribes the trance-channel communications of a "social-memory complex" (a spiritually unified society) synonymous with the Egyptian Sun-God "Ra," which actually claimed to originally have been a Venusian civilization. They also claim to be one of the members of a collective "Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator," the main ET collective aiding humanity at this time from inner, invisible planes around Earth.

Ra says that they are of "sixth density," a vibration or dimension of oneness and awareness of the unity of all things, beyond relative good and evil, and that they possess non-physical light-bodies (a statement in line with the traditional depiction of formless realms in Buddhist-Hindu cosmology). Interestingly, they also claim to have incarnated during Egyptian times to assist that race in their spiritual work, and to promote non-dogmatic monotheism through the sympathetic ruler, Pharaoh Akhnaton. Without going into detail of the dynamics of this "channeling contact" (received knowledge from a non-physical source, through a human medium), we can still consider some of what they said about Earth history, especially in relation to the ongoing saga of polarity (the universal drama of so-called good and evil).

The picture that emerges from their statements is that of a Confederation of inter-planetary and inter-dimensional civilizations, voluntarily dedicated in mutual cooperation to help humanity in various ways -- nevertheless, having had more than a few "failures" in their attempts down through the ages. In their view, "Yahweh" is originally the name of a particular Confederation entity, a specific unified group of souls from a distant star system (and "higher dimension") with a very real history of intervention in human affairs. Ra says that this name can be translated as, "He Comes" (vol. I, p.175, 210).

When asked how the Yahweh group communicated to our peoples, Ra responds:

"This is a somewhat complex question. The first communication was what you would call genetic. The second communication was the walking among your peoples to produce further genetic changes in consciousness. The third was a series of dialogues with chosen channels" (p.173). There were thus three major interventions in human history over a period of several thousand years by this extraterrestrial group seeking to develop human spiritual potentials.

Of course, most academic Gnostic scholars (and scholars of anything else) would immediately consider this ludicrous, but there are hundreds of books all over the world elaborating upon just such ET-human interaction, and many indigenous native traditions have their own stories of "Star Nations" and ancient stellar contact. Such activity is not incompatible with what's loosely called divine intervention, so this kind of human interface with the "works of God" is not hard to conceive for those with either direct gnosis or sufficient faith.

Specifically, RA describes Yahweh's first contact of 75,000 years ago through "genetic changes" in a form similar to what you call the cloning process. Thus entities incarnated in the image of the Yahweh entities [with] one purpose only: that to express in the mind/body/spirit complex those characteristics which would lead to further and more speedy development of the spiritual complex" (p.173-4). The "spiritual complex" is a human soul's innate divine nature.

This work involved accelerated and intensified sensitization of human physical senses to sharpen experience, and the strengthening of mental faculties to promote the ability to better analyze such experience (p.174). Thus, we see here a type of Yahweh-cloning roughly comparable to the Gnostic concept of the creation of Aeonic powers -- all of whom, interestingly, possessed synonymous names in Old Testament chapters. In this case, Ra's reference is to human cloning, but the mitotic process is identical and for sure, the Gnostic cosmo-genesis retains a seed of the same concept. Cloning, it seems, is not a modern invention.

Up to this point, however, Ra depicts Yahweh as a wholly benevolent, protective-paternal agent in human affairs, but as we'll soon see, the situation changed considerably later. Again, we see foreshadowing of the Gnostic split between the Hidden (good) God and the Demiurgic (bad) lesser powers. It is easy to imagine how early humanity could mistake any type of extraterrestrial intervention for the divine agency of benevolent gods or the One Supreme God. Spiritual discernment has never been a strong point of Earth humans.

Be that as it may, the second direct Yahweh/Confederation communication in planetary history, according to Ra, occurred approximately 3,600 years ago (1600 years before the Common Era, or BCE). This was "a series of encounters in which the ones called Anak were impregnated with the new genetic coding by your physical complex means, so that the organisms would be larger and stronger." [It was] a contact of the nature you know as sexual, changing the mind/body/spirit complex through the natural means of the patterns of reproduction devised by the intelligent energy of your physical complex" (p.174, 173). In other words, it involved inter-dimensional sexual hybridization, another theme common to indigenous and religious traditions the world over.

The ET goal, laudably, was to facilitate greater human comprehension of the "Law of One," the basic sanctity of all beings and experience, the realization or gnosis of the innate perfection of self and other. However, it was considered "a decided failure because" it was a great temptation [for the genetically modified human souls] to consider the so-called social complex or sub-complex elite or different and better than other-selves, this [being] one of the techniques of service to self" (p.175). As Ra and the original Yahweh both belong to the same "Confederation," their orientation is wholly "service to others," in distinction to those ET groups (whom we'll discuss shortly) who follow "the path of separation," seeking interplanetary dominion through deception and control. This notion is also in line with the old Zoroastrian conception of universal light and shadow.

So, instead of using their larger, stronger, finer bodies to more deeply experience and teach/learn the perfection of all things, these genetically improved human groups moved willfully towards the path of "service to self." They willingly ensnared themselves in patterns of elitism, subjugation of others, and relentless power-manipulation (a phenomenon we see continued among various groups in the Middle East, and globally, to this day). But beyond the activity of this somewhat understandable human leaning towards control, there were also outside agitators who aided and abetted the situation. At this point in the discussion, enter stage left what Ra calls the "Orion Federation," their primary cosmic counter-point.

. . .