Human Crisis and Divine Law


For Wanderers, it is a key to our well being to understand and make peace with the rampant evil and ignorance on Earth. We cannot be of much service to others, let alone offer clear love-light radiatory energy to the globe, if we remain confused and daunted by the distortions of the social complex within which we live. The ideas of this essay come from my own personal confrontation and inner process of just this dynamic -- a relatively bright soul living in a somewhat darkened social complex. I imagine this is much the same for you.

No doubt, the Creator is all things and no-thing, and apparent polarity is predominant only due to our own occluded perception. With greater expanded awareness, so-called polarity is seen as interwoven strands of vibratory light in the boundless matrix of the One Field of Creation. The primary quality of the One Field is limitless light, Ain Soph (from Hebrew Kabbala) and Mahamudra ("the great seal," from Tibetan Buddhism). Thus we need not despair, no matter how sordid life on this orb appears to be.

From the perspective of freedom, there is no enduring slavery in Creation, and from the point of being of 6D groups who guide soul evolution, it is right and fitting that both negatively-oriented souls and those not yet having chosen each have a place to grow. Reversing my assumptions about how Earth life was "supposed to be," I could glimpse the cosmic function of this world by its being just the way it is. Our real challenge is to make peace with the fact we have chosen to be here.

And so, it is essential we grow settled in our own life-purpose and the fulfillment of our intentions in taking birth in this world. For myself, I realize that verbal and written teaching is but one element of "what I'm here to do," and that the quality of my presence (vibratory, radiatory being) is far more important than the thought forms I produce. For you too, it is crucial to come into alignment with just why it is you awaken here in human body every morning.

Wishing you wisdom and light centered in boundless heart-care, feeling the glory of the One in Whom we live and move and take our breath, I thank you for your work in being here, and trust you will continue your unfoldment in peace and power.

Scott Mandelker
San Francisco, CA
April 6, 2004

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