Human Crisis and Divine Law


For their part, those who've not yet made adequate effort in mind polarization find themselves dominated, in the main, by a negatively oriented ruling class relatively clear about the ways of self-aggrandizement. While this type of leadership does offer an opportunity to join their ranks (inviting some into human institutional/control structures), in the main, the agenda of those in control is generally to keep "as many down as possible," using them to their own benefit without significant power sharing. Of course, we see this in operation all over the world.

Certainly, most of the souls as yet non-polarized in 3D do end up choosing the positive path of love-unity -- and will not, in the long run, turn against their own heart. Nevertheless, they are given the option of going either way. The main function of negative leadership is to "squeeze" those not yet polarized through increasing body-mind restriction and control towards greater activation of their own mind and will through the catalyst of collective and repeated heart-wounding.

Of course, mind and will are essential to both paths of polarization, but the primary quality needed for positive polarization (in distinction to self-service) is heart-activation, genuine compassion toward self and other. By means of long-standing social complex oppression and dominance, negative leadership offers those not yet polarized the catalyst of physical-mental suffering and spiritual heart-constriction. The "hope" from higher levels is that those oppressed will generate greater heart-activation as a means of seeking their own freedom (itself a quality of the positive path).

Though these are truly miserable aspects of human experience, if used wisely (as with all catalyst) they can fuel great soul growth. In the face of such misery (i.e. "human crisis"), non-polarized souls are given strong impetus to wake up to what they really want, who they really are, the latent power of their insufficiently used powers of intellect, and the self-fulfilling primacy of heart-centered being.

Like turning lemons to lemonade by adding sugar, sour dismal 3D experience generated by negatively oriented or orienting leadership (driving human society to constant strife and limitation) is potent catalyst for those yet sleeping to their own unbounded potential.

Certainly, such difficulties also give those who are already seeking world peace a chance to increase their own heart-centered commitment -- but I believe it is mainly to the sleeping masses that negative leadership catalyst is directed. There are countless love-based 3D social complexes in the galaxy, but what makes this 3D realm unique is its preponderance of chronically non-orienting souls, those who have missed repeated graduations (on other worlds) and thus remain cycling in this plane.

The dominance of global human leadership works primarily upon those who are non-oriented, as they constitute the majority consciousness grouping on Earth, and have the most to learn as they lift themselves out of what RA termed, "the vast sinkhole of indifference."

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