Human Crisis and Divine Plan


In no uncertain terms, Earth was given by the Logoic Creator of this solar system to be the home, training ground, and site of major 3D catalyst for all souls here at this point in the greater cycle. Although most souls universally end up choosing the love-wisdom path (serving others, moving toward unity in harmony), some do not, while some others have chronic blockage in their ability to polarize out of 3D along either path.

In this sector of the galaxy, planet Earth (an aspect of the solar system’s Logoic Creator) has chosen this role in grand service to these somewhat problematic souls. Not every Logos is willing to offer a portion of its being to host such disharmonious and darkened 3D incarnates -- and the Logoic willingness to allow itself to be used for catalyst provision for these somewhat "difficult" beings is a mark of its sanctity and power.

This is no different from how souls in 3D agree to be parents of "very troubled" other souls (coming to them as so-called "children") -- it is a sacrifice willingly made, a sign of a hardy being willing to challenge itself through disharmonious catalyst. The same can be said of the local Creator: it is quite willing to host these beings, a partnership that can lightly be referred to as "Orion and the Sleepers."

III. Earth's Cosmic Function

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