Human Crisis and Divine Plan


Stepping back a moment, we can then ask this: why is it that evil, injustice and ignorance are so prevalent here? Yes, it is karmic law, the operation of multi-incarnational cause and effect. But could it be these conditions are not a deviation from cosmic law, not a perversion of how "things are supposed to be?" Could it be that planetary conditions are wholly in accord with Divine Plan?

Recalling dimensions of boundless light, sensing the profound love-harmony of groups from which we come, awakened Wanderers despair in the face of human evil and suffering. We know global conditions need not be this way; we trust ourselves enough to realize, "if they would but listen, this could be such a beautiful world." And yet, we have forgotten what Earth was meant to be, the true nature of the Logoic gift given to souls who constitute the dominant groups here.

For Wanderers, it must be remembered this is not our planet; it is their planet -- the ordained 3D home world of those in the majority incarnate here. Despite the presence of Wanderers and an ever-larger group of positively-oriented souls (seeking love-light, truth and harmony), the great majority of 3D incarnates here are non-polarized (not pledged to either selfish or selfless being). This is by far the majority consciousness on Earth, and you would do well to consider the implications, for there are many.

Please understand, I make no judgment here; it is simply plain fact: for one reason or another, most human souls are confused as to whether their path (not merely preference, but their affirmed, conscious, deliberate PATH) is that of love or control. Anyone can help an old lady who falls down before us, but real positive polarization demands far more than that. It is no less than whole-bodied commitment to our own personal growth and that of everyone around us. It is not a small matter; it is, rather, a driving imperative to an ever-growing life.

When oppressed, most humans on Earth seek freedom, justice and equal opportunity -- understandably -- but this too does not constitute true positive polarization. And generally, when those previously oppressed gain socioeconomic power, they turn their backs on the yet-disempowered, and turn left toward self-embellishment. This is the primary reason why the vast majority of human leadership is self-serving: those who support them outwardly, more or less, seek inwardly a comparable state of dominance and control. Actually, it could not be otherwise.

Thus, atop the human social ladder, ruling Earthly nations, we find souls for the most part polarized to self-service. Nor is this an accident: souls always get the leadership they deserve, in the same way as all beings receive the lives they create by karmic operation. It is spiritual immaturity to blame fate, accident, a fickle Creator or Creation, or some other "external" cause -- karmic law is eminently fair and true, and Divine justice operates in the most exacting detail, despite our ignorance of it.

Frankly, it is no mystery we find such misery, inequity, ignorance and prevalence of control structures in Earth's 3D social complex. It is primarily due to negatively-oriented self-serving leadership resting upon non-polarized (or inadequately love-wisdom based) souls who constitute the vast ranks of population. Upon close inspection, it is obvious that Wanderers are but a small percentage of humanity, and souls wholly centered in love-wisdom are really quite few here.

Simply put:

3D souls who are negatively oriented, negatively orienting,
and those not yet polarized
must go somewhere for their own development.

And where shall they go?

Well, in this sector of the galaxy they come here.

II. Human Consciousness Groups

. . .