Human Crisis and Divine Plan


In any case, this can be understood further:

Souls in human 3D who are negatively oriented or orienting,
and those chronically asleep to the need for spiritual maturity
(unable to polarize left or right), wholly deserve each other
and reflect key unseen aspects of the other.

This is a very subtle point, but moves toward greater recognition of just how Divine Plan operates in this dimension, on a world that seems so full of crisis and chaos. From a shallow view, this is true -- but upon deeper consideration, 3D consciousness dynamics here are perfectly balanced, fitting, and fair. More than that, they are optimally self-structured to catalyze their own transformation if wisely used. A bit of collective depth psychology, á la Carl Jung, holds the key to understanding.

For those negatively oriented or orienting, the shadow-complex (consisting of all that is repressed) includes love, truth, and the reality of unified universal being. Conversely, for those maintaining chronic non-polarization, it is discernment, self-empowerment, and soul-demand for spiritual growth and choice that sits in the unseen shadow realm. Depth psychology teaches that the conscious orientation of human personality is always perfectly balanced by an unrecognized polar opposite complex in the deep mind.

The reason these two groups find themselves paired in this world is no less than the fact that each offers the other a perfect consciousness catalyst for their own continued soul evolution. Opposites do attract, both in interpersonal relations and collective soul grouping, and it is no accident these two forces are the dominant actors in 3D Earth.

Interestingly, those negatively oriented or orienting can be understood to be inadequately polarized on their path, thus needing catalyst sparking continued movement along their path of self-service. In contrast to those who naively imagine all souls should become "good and virtuous," there really are two paths of soul evolution, as above so below, and beings which consciously reject love-unity do have the right to progress themselves without heart-activation.

This is a controversial point, admittedly, but is well known to mystics East and West, is often discussed in Buddhist/Hindu teachings, and can be found in all traditions of genuine Ageless Wisdom. It is simply an outgrowth and consequence of the blanketing Law of Free Will, and is itself an essential feature of Divine Plan. The Creator has created the foundations of just such polarity, and actively supports its maintenance.

Curiously, the negative path demands continual reduction of love and unified presence, increasing conformity in thought and action to the ways of power aggrandizement, one-pointed access and use of self-will, and steady growth in the "negative use of wisdom" (using mind to control and dominate). Examples can be found in such books as The Art of War by the Chinese logician Sun Tzu, and the works of Machiavelli. These are simply manuals for those on the negative path, and were of course inspired by souls in higher "negative" dimensions.

In Earth’s 3D realm, those on this path find themselves confronted with a great mass of souls who have not yet made their choice of polarity, who innately rebel against their own oppression, but yet lack the self-trust and discernment to realize the solution to their predicament.

For those seeking further dominance, the challenge is to increase their own mind/will access and conscious polarization in the ways of control. In essence, the lack of discernment and self-empowerment of the masses they rule (those neither polarized towards love or control) reflects their own still-inadequate usage of mind and will upon their already-chosen negative path. This is a perfect example of soul-group mirroring, and in a strange way, is no less than another indication of cosmic unity.

Those whom we may consider "asleep" to their own divine light and strength are a perfect counterpoint to those on the self-service path -- who are also seeking increased access to inner power through mind, and in their case, a heart-blocked use of wisdom. The inertia of non-polarized groups offers significant catalyst for those already negatively polarized, giving them (in a kind of ironic sense) the opportunity to refine their evil.

Again, I certainly do not support or encourage the negative path, but I do believe we need to understand the esoterics of just why we find these two groups dominant in 3D Earth, and consider the dynamics of just how these two consciousness poles reflect and play off each other. Without doubt, the Creator and the highest beings in our octave of 7 densities are replete with love and unity-being, without an iota of the desire to harm. Of course, that is the ultimate goal of all soul progression upon either path.

But in time and space, there is polarized soul growth, and far more than making us all "good," the Creator seeks soul progression through freely chosen self-development. That these two groups find themselves facing off against each other in this dimension is no accident, is in full accord with Divine Plan, and offers carefully designed catalyst so each may refine their own choices.

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