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Welcome to Scott Mandelker's online store. His teaching is clear, warm, and witty, bringing life to metaphysics and revealing the practical use of spiritual principles.

Universal Vision: Soul Evolution
and the Cosmic Plan

2000, revised edition 2001, soft cover, acid-free paper,
327 pages, SBN 0-9701985-0-7

Scott's second book features advanced metaphysics and a blend of teaching on the principles of personal transformation, global process and cosmic plan. Short, focused essay topics include:

  • personal guidance and letters from Wanderers
  • discussion of cosmic free will and positive & negative ET groups
  • how to use life's crises for the development of love-wisdom
  • life-purpose and karma
  • ET Confederation and human evolution
  • the RA Material channeling
  • Earth changes and psychic children
  • spiritual self-healing
  • the theory and practice of Buddhist meditation.

There are also several appendices with personal stories, additional resources, charts on human history, and an ET/Wanderers questionnaire.