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Welcome Traveler!

First of all, let me thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate your visit, and I appreciate your interest -- even if you're just here surfing! Though you probably came here looking for UFO/ET info, that's just the face of what I offer. If you look a little deeper, you'll see the main topic here is self-transformation and a wider view of soul evolution. My real focus is the spiritual view of life on Earth, and life in the Universe -- and the depths of self - understanding. That's what I mean by "universal vision": a vision of our journey through all dimensions of time and space.

Little Picture, Big Picture

You may think that UFOs and ETs are the big picture -- and maybe that's all you're looking for! You may think THEY are what are really important, since WE seem to be all screwed up down here (and many an ET would agree!). Maybe you wish THEY would just come and get us (the hope of many Wanderers -- and me too, sometimes!). I totally understand these ideas; I hear them all the time from clients and friends across the world. But whatever your starting point, and whatever your view, let me tell you what I think.

I think that what happens to us -- within us and all around us -- that THIS is the real big picture. Though I borrow a lot of material from ET sources (especially from the RA group), I think that what's in front of our very nose is what's most important. Though I spend lots of time talking about cosmic life, I think the real life to consider is our own life here on Earth.

What do I mean? What I mean is that why they're here, how they must work, and when to intervene, as they must. As you may already know, there are both positive and negative ET groups -- one on the side of love and harmony, the other on the side of deception and control. You'll see more on this later on at the web-site (check out "A Chart on Cosmic Plan", and "Brief History of ET Contact"). If you've done your homework, you already know that THEY are neither all-good, nor all-bad. Anyway, what's so important about THEM? What do they have to do with your daily life right here

Strength and Weakness

Honestly, there is a good chance you are a Wanderer. Most of the people who drop by here are ET souls, and many of you already sense it (or know it fully). If not, and you want to get up to speed, check out the pages on "Wanderers and Walk-ins", or "The New ET Quiz" -- they'll give you more to think about, and maybe shed some light on your hidden self. Perhaps that's the heart of why you've come to this site in the first place. If that's all you want, fine -- and again, welcome.

But that's not the heart of what I want to share. Though I too consider myself an ET soul, a Wanderer from 6D (a bit far from Newark, New Jersey), and likely a member of the RA group, I've come to a point where I don't give all that too much thought. I never forget my stellar core, nor the destiny that awaits me when I drop this dull clay shard -- but this kind of teaching has fallen to thebackground in what's most interesting to me at present.

What really concerns me is my own state of mind moment-to-moment. Mine, and yours too. It seems far more wise for us to focus on LIFE HERE ON EARTH, learning and practicing and sharing our experience of true spiritual balance This work seems a lot more challenging, and a lot more rewarding, than merely listing ET comings - and - goings. As well, I have no doubt that many of our friends in spirit would agree: 3D Earth is the place to be! In terms of service, useful catalyst, and grist for the mill of soul growth, daily life 'down here on the ground' is the big picture.

So let's take this further... How easy it is to get overwhelmed on Earth! How easy to fall into the pit of self-pity, blame for our sick society, disdain for the matrix of greed, ignorance and arrogance on all sides. Do you see it? Can you face the true evil there is in humanity? Can you watch the 6 o'clock news without flinching -- or don't you even tune in anymore? Of course, not all is corrupt down here, nor must we take arms -- but we surely need to know it. And, it need not cripple us.

For those of you like me -- a Wanderer well aware of my basic life-purpose -- isn't it easy to feel regret at not doing enough? Isn't it easy to feel discontent, seeing yourself unable to share all the love/light needed in this needy world! How little we can do in physical/social terms -- at least while "expecting results upon visible planes" (quoting RA, from The Law of One). I know these feelings quite well, and perhaps you too. Yet, it all comes down to strength or weakness.

In the face of challenging catalyst -- arising from our mind, and from all the world around us -- it is purely our WILL that fuels the quality of our response. Based in spiritual self-confidence, it is only our willingness to persist through storms of emotion, and fogs of confusion, that ensures our growth. It comes down to a basic trust in Life and Path and Self -- only that faith can empower our steady desire to be here, to just keep trying. And, continue to try we must -- haggard or fresh, bitter or sweet -- until the time of our return to blessed realms of LIGHT. No matter how beautiful the next stage of the path, only this stage really matters, at least here and now. As RA said, only here, "working in darkness with a tiny candle", can we make potent soul change.

From There to Here

Whether you know it or not, every night you go Home, and every morning you come back Here.  To the eyes of perfect enlightenment, everywhere is Home -- but that is a precious gnosis, dearly bought through sacrifice and great discipline.  Whatever purity we seek, it's always there for the taking, but there's always a cost.  As Bob, one of the Walk-ins I interviewed in my first book From Elsewhere, was told: "you've paid the toll, you can cross the bridge" -- whatever spiritual bridges we seek to cross, they've all got a toll to pay.

And so we return to the big picture: ET soul or otherwise, we're all on the same path. Knowing your cosmic identity, and knowing the mind of our cosmic neighbors, is but one step along the way. If I can leave you with a single point to remember, it is simply this: that the real action is right here in front of you, in your daily life, with all those you meet, and with each moment of time to spend in whatever way you see fit. Stay true to your own desires, at all levels of your being. There is no skipping lessons, and no repression is a final solution. With open heart, there's no escape from the pain of 3D humanity all around us -- and yet, we need not limp along.

So, while you marvel at the glory of cosmic plan, and learn piece by piece the ways of cosmic life, remember the great gift that 3D life offers. "Working in darkness with a tiny candle", great and potent growth in soul may be made. As an ancient saying goes, "9 times fall down, but 10 times get up" -- all that really matters is the sincerity of our persistence. If you truly seek the big picture, you will surely find what you are looking for.

. . .