Doors and Definitions

As in the classic TV show "Let's Make A Deal", we face three choices when considering our approach to UFOs and ET life. First, there is Door Number 1, through which we find nothing more than facts and figures on sightings, material evidence, cover-ups and conspiracies. Inside this box we find endless debates between those with secret information and those who deny it, UFO researchers of various stripes and professional debunkers, the so-called scientists who guide public opinion of cosmic truth (the late Carl Sagan having been foremost among them).

These two groups, strange bedfellows indeed, have been locked in mortal combat for the past 50 years. Each side claims to hold the truth, but neither is convinced by the other. One says yes, the other cries no.

To be honest, die-hard skeptics will never cry defeat, while UFO researchers, no matter how professional (such as Dr. John Mack of Harvard University, who specializes in abduction research), can't produce indisputable proof of alien life, cover-ups, or secret deals. I guess it is to be expected, but what really seems sad is that this whole battle actually does quite little to improve humanity. Like nomads fighting over sand dunes in the desert, arguments between skeptics and believers are fruitless, and in any case, the human spirit can never be nourished by physical ET proof or evidence of cover-ups. Material evidence is mute for speaking to soul.

Although Door Number 2 is a bit more exciting, it's also a dead-end box. Choose this one and you'll find spooky grays, bizarre experiments and genetic tinkering by shadowy intruders. While I acknowledge the reality of abduction contact and negative beings, I have no doubt these are but one small piece of a much larger puzzle. To try to grasp the mind of ETs by living in this box is like trying to judge national character by visiting the prison system: we'll suffer from a severe sampling bias.

Furthermore, in my opinion, most people who've had traumatic experience and most of the experts on the front-line trying to help them are unaware of the deeper issues involved. Unfortunately, they usually have scant metaphysical understanding of the powers of Self, the laws of inter-dimensional contact, the ways of spiritual healing, and the means of accessing Divine Power. Instead, this community is fed a steady diet of horror tales, left in the dark helpless and confused, expecting the worst -- with no recourse to inner God. Yet, all this represents just one chapter in a much larger book, and there are answers and solutions. Nevertheless, the ET-abduction research community doesn't seem to have answers nor solutions. If we get stuck to the ET-criminal element, we'll miss the Greater Light that stands behind them.

But there's still Door Number 3, through which you'll find an integrated spiritual perspective, a vision of the metaphysics of cosmic plan in which ET Walk-ins, Wanderers, and world servers operate. With a different view of UFO reality and a focus on soul-evolution, the emphasis here is wholly spiritual: love, wisdom, and purpose. Here we talk about cosmic unity, transformation of consciousness, the two paths, and trust in Higher Self. While skeptics and researchers are locked in endless debate, while anti-conspiracy activists rail against the system (which, by the way, is going to collapse soon anyway), and while abduction researchers either lament or happy-spin their tales of negative ET contact -- we can go a whole lot deeper by considering the spiritual view.

Behind this third door we can find inspiration, purpose and meaning, as well as real people who've been awakened by rare experiences. They're not arguing; they don't predict doom; they're not trying to convince you of anything (and nor am I). They affirm that the cosmos is filled with intelligent life, and they say that love is the key. But most importantly, their message reveals a more balanced picture of Universal Life -- a picture in which UFOs and ETs make perfect sense.

Basic Definitions

In describing ET Souls, I use often the terms Walk-ins and Wanderers (this second group is also called Star People, Star Born, or Star Children). Although their higher-dimensional origins and life-purpose may be the same, what distinguishes them is how they took birth in human form:

Walk-in: This term describes a process of inter-dimensional, inter-planetary soul exchange, as well as the individuals who experience it. In this process, a soul from an older ET or Angelic civilization (or a more evolved Earth soul) enters the voluntarily surrendered body and personality-system of a human being, to better serve humanity and Earth. Interestingly, some Walk-ins do not consider themselves ET souls and have little interest in such matters. In my view, however, most so-called Walk-ins are actually Wanderers, as I believe that genuine Walk-ins are far more rare than people imagine (see chapter 3 of Universal Vision, "Extraterrestrials Living on Earth", for one story).

Wanderer: This poetic term, used by George Hunt Williamson and other UFO contactees in the 1950's, describes a process of inter-dimensional, inter-planetary soul transfer -- in which a higher-dimensional ET soul incarnates in the normal way (e.g. as a baby), and agrees to forget their own memory of ET identity and purpose, to aid the evolution of humanity and the planet. This process of cosmic soul-wandering has occurred since the beginning of human experience on Earth and is common throughout the Universe, and expresses the basic Law of Service in which elder souls freely go to serve worlds in need.

Source:Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan, © 2000

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