Mark Comings

Mark Comings is a physicist, mathematician and mystic focusing on the new science of time, the relationship between consciousness and matter-energy, and the consequent revisioning of space. For several years he was a Research Associate with ISSO (International Space Science Organization) in San Francisco, and he is currently involved in world community building, spiritual education, and the union of science and spirituality. With constant travels around the US and abroad, he is a true peripatetic philosopher, and may also be the world's first post-quantum physics physicist.


Abigail Lewis

Ms. Abigail Lewis (Prophecy section *) has a BA in Rhetoric and is an avid student of truth and reality structures (belief systems). As a person committed to the evolution of consciousness on the planet, she has worked in a range of fields from environmentalism and the arts to the sciences. In 1999, Abby became the Communications Manager of Joseph Firmage's International Space Sciences Organization. She is currently working with a group of scientists, philosophers, philanthropists and activists to create an integrated evolutionary context within which clean abundant technologies can be brought forth to replace the existing infrastructure and continue to heal the planet.

* Prophecy section core material developed by Ms. Ana Rincon


Scott Mandelker

Scott Mandelker (Project Director, UFO/Metaphysics section) has an MA in Counseling, a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology, and over 20 years' experience in Buddhism and Eastern religion. He is the author of two books: From Elsewhere (1995) and Universal Vision (2000), and has spoken at UFO and New Age expos throughout the US, Japan and Israel. He has appeared on more than 80 radio and TV shows, has done spiritual counseling for the last 10 years.


John Major Jenkins

John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. John has authored dozens of articles and seven books, including: Mayan Sacred Science (1994); Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1998).

As a visiting scholar, Jenkins has taught classes at The Institute of Maya Studies in Miami, The Maya Calendar Congress in Mexico, The Esalen Institute, Naropa University and many other venues both nationally and abroad. He has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows. John's careful scholarship and cutting-edge insights into why the Maya chose 2012 to end a great World Age cycle have been endorsed by some of the most progressive thinkers of our day.

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Moira Timms

Moira Timms (Prophecy consultant) is the author of Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, and is a leading Egyptological researcher and eschatologist. She specializes in prophecy and the end of world cycles, has led groups to Egypt for years, and holds the title of Aakhu in the Egyptian wisdom tradition. She has appeared on New Dimensions Radio, Art Bell and Laura Lee, and was featured in several network TV specials and documentaries.


Rick Riedel

Rick Riedel has a BS degree in Chemistry, a background in Nuclear Physics, and was a computer systems engineer for 25 years. Now happily retired, he writes and pursues shamanism and metaphysics. A practicing astrologer since 1970, he specializes in soul astrology, and has written for The New Times (Seattle), Star Beacon and the Sedona Journal of Emergence. He has helped hundreds of people along their path for over 30 years, with clients in North America and Europe. Additionally, he has run over 100 marathons and ultra -marathons, and placed 3rd at the US National Championships in 1991 for the 24-hour run in the 45-49 age group, running over 106 miles. He currently lives in Sedona with his beloved wife, Carla, and their three cats.

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Carla Rueckert

Carla Lisbeth Rueckert was born on July 16, 1943 in Lake Forest, IL. She has Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Louisville. She has been channeling since 1974 and was the channel for the Ra contact and the Law of One series of books. She has also written A Channeling Handbook, and her latest book is A Wanderer's Handbook: An Owner's Manual for ETs and Other Spiritual Outsiders.


Jim McCarty

Jim McCarty was born on May 10, 1947 in Kearney, NE and has a bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and a Master's degree from the University of Florida. He was the scribe for the Ra contact, is married to Carla, and lives in Anchorage, KY with her and their seven cats.