Section I: Earth and Space Sciences
  1. Solar facts:
  2. Michael Mandeville on increased earthquake activity:
  3. The work of Gregg Braden:
  4. Coronal mass ejections:
  5. Latest solar activity updates:,
  6. Global expansion tectonics:
  7. Redshift alternate explanations:
  8. May 2000 events:
  9. Nov. 2000 radiation storm:
  10. David Wilcock's web site:

Section II: Traditions of World Prophecy

  1. Biblical prophecies:
  2. John Major Jenkins and the Maya:
  3. Native American and ancient prophecies:
  4. Mayan prophecy index:
  5. A quiche Maya AJQ'IJ shares a message of Cosmic Time and Mayan prophecy:
  6. Prophecies from Dan Katchongva (Hopi):
  7. The Official Edgar Cayce website (A.R.E.):
  8. Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.:
  9. Nostradamus: Apocalypse/Armageddon?:
  10. Hindu: The end of the Kali Age (scroll down page):
  11. Mother Shipton prophecies:
  12. Historical and mythic prophecy:
  13. Abigail Lewis's web site:

Section III: UFOs and Metaphysics
  1. General UFO information:
  2. Zecharia Sitchen:
  3. Ancient astronauts:
  4. Ancient Vedic UFO references:
  5. Dr. Jacques Vallee's Passport to Magonia:
  6. Information on L/L Research and The RA Material:
  7. Wanderers, spiritual growth and ET contact:
  8. Wanderers forum & discussion group:
  9. Crop circles in England, Denni Clarke's work:
  10. Global shift channeled teachings from Lyara:
  11. Dr. Scott Mandelker's web site: