Scott Mandelker, Ph.D.

1. An Introduction to the Cosmic Plan -- The laws and principles of evolution (unity, free will, love/light, karma, balance); cosmic plan and lessons of 7 densities; positive/negative ET groups; a history of ET-Earth Contact; Earth changes and planetary Harvest/3-way split in 2010 AD..

2. UFOs and ET Contact: The Spiritual View -- Introduction to the study of UFOs; science and spirituality; subjective vs. objective approaches; my personal background, research conclusions; an overview of global ET contact; cults, cover-ups, conspiracies and current events in the US

3. The Infinite Self: Healing and Balance -- Advanced material for developing energy centers; healing through mind-body-spirit balance and love; exercises to determine chakra-levels; Higher Self contact and alignment; using life-experience as a catalyst for growth; personal world service

4. Sexuality and the Spiritual Path -- Relationship and intimacy as mirror for self-understanding; sexual energy transfer and 7 chakras; positive and negative uses of sexual force; activating higher centers for joy through union; effects of unconditional acceptance; tantra, orgasm and magic

5. Buddhist and Taoist Meditation -- Introduction to Chinese Taoism and 3 Buddhist schools; understanding mind, true nature and enlightenment; theory and practice of Buddhist breath and mantra meditation; primary practices of Taoist meditation; guidance, advice, trouble-shooting

6. A Seminar for ET Souls and Wanderers -- Remembering your higher-density origins and ET family; common conflicts and challenges; understanding and adapting to Earth life; connecting to human society; cosmic contact for accelerated learning; service and your particular life-lessons

7. Paranormal Experience and Spiritual Emergence -- Activation of higher chakras, kundalini, and multi-dimensional awareness; definitions of near-death and out-of-body experience; past-life and prophetic visions; angels, guides, and ET contact; Walk-ins; intuition, and Higher Self

8. Dream Analysis Group -- Interpreting dreams from biological, psychological, and spiritual perspectives; soul-communication and symbolic teachings from Higher Self; collective dreams and world prophecy; trust and discernment; out-of-body experience vs. dreams

9. Training for Counselors and Healers -- Clinical applications of metaphysical theory; karma and past-lives; handling spiritual crisis and kundalini; meditation vs. medication; personal psychology and multi-dimensional experience; spiritual emergence, psychosis and mystic vision