Scott Mandelker offers counseling for individuals and couples by phone and in person. The sessions cover a range of issues, guided by your own personal concerns. Through dialogue, sharing, focused questions and honest feedback, I will help you better understand your own karmic tests and challenges, present conflicts and future life-direction, and personal options for greater self-empowerment. Our work joins emotional healing with spiritual growth, blending psychology with the principles of soul evolution. .

Main Counseling Issues

  • Realizing Your Purpose and Work: Meaningful service and creative expression in daily life
  • Personal Evolution: Your chosen life-lessons and karma, Higher Self plans and programs
  • Knowing and Living Cosmic Identity: Issues of ET souls (Wanderers, Walk-ins) on Earth
  • Emotional Life: Intimacy, sexuality, and relationship conflicts, adjusting to human society
  • Spiritual Path: Meditation practice, working with the 7 chakras and energy blockages
  • Positive and Negative ET Contact: Understanding ET agendas and your own free will
  • Paranormal Experience: Near-death and out-of-body experience, dreams and guides

Scott Mandelker has an MA in Counseling, a PhD in East West Psychology, and over 20 years practice in Buddhist meditation. He has taught workshops in the US, Japan and Israel for the past 7 years, has appeared on over 80 radio and TV programs, and has offered counseling for over a decade. Session fees are on a sliding scale and usually range from $50-$120 per hour, but I have never refused anyone for financial reasons.

Please contact Renée Martine at directly for more information by e-mail: twscottmandelker@gmail.com