Part 1: ET Souls and the Cosmic Plan

Q: Why do ETs need to incarnate in human bodies: why can't they simply stay in the UFOs and do whatever they need to do up here?  

A: There is no cosmic law that tells ET souls they have to take human form. The decision is their own choice based on their personal commitment to service and the deeper needs of the situation, (the calling of humanity and Earth itself), which is felt quite clearly in the higher realms outside the solar system. However, the possibility of rendering useful service is tremendously enhanced by taking birth among us -- whether or not the Wanderers recall their roots. 

Some Wanderers come here to perform a particular task, such as those publicly known as inventors, statesmen and scientists, while others are simply here to radiate embodied love and light. If and when they pierce the veil of forgetting and acknowledge their greater identity and purpose, their service becomes even more effective. Such awakening involves spiritual realignment, reconnection and return to inner Self, which allows us to realize and appreciate divine love and cosmic design once again. Metaphysically, this opens a channel to the spirit which can benefit many people, as well as amplify the effectiveness of whatever service we choose to offer. To offer oneself in physical form is a much greater self-sacrifice for ET souls, and can be far more effective in a one-to-one way than had they "stayed up in their UFOs."

More on the Wanderers' Veil

Q:   What is the veil of forgetting under which Star People live while on Earth?

A:  This "veil" is simply a temporary severance (in our physical 3D time/space experience) of the ET soul's normal link-up to his or her own Higher Self awareness -- which was previously intact before coming to Earth. The veiling is cosmically ordained, required by laws of the solar system itself, and exists for as long as the ET chooses to incarnate on the planet. Essentially, it is in place to protect humanity's choice, which is their option to accept or reject the reality of "cosmic law" and the existence of a multi-dimensional Universe. None of the benevolent ETs, be they incarnated Wanderers or those in UFOs, wish to force themselves upon humanity. 

Through deep self-reflection and meditation you can remember your forgotten identity and life-purpose, but to entirely regain all the "home-realm powers and abilities" one must dedicate one's life to selfless service, meditation, sacrifice and radical detachment from all elements of personality. This would be no different than the spiritual path of many Eastern religions and all mystery schools, beginning with the Egyptians and South Americans -- whose teachers also happened to be ETs! 

Benevolent ETs

As I've said many times, benevolent ETs don't save us from ourselves: they're only here as midwives to humanity's birth as self-conscious souls. Through sharing love, wisdom, and an appreciation of Oneness, they can only support choices we make according to our own free will.  

Furthermore, since most people don't really take UFO matters seriously, and choose to remain indifferent to seeking direct ET assistance, those who watch over humanity can't intervene directly -- even if the alternative is some measure of planetary destruction, as was the case in Atlantis which is said to have perished under its own aggression about 10,000 years ago. However, if and when a significant percentage of the population sincerely calls for aid, there can be direct contact and intervention. But this depends entirely on the conscious calling of humanity. 

Wanderers and Negative ETs

Q:   If some ETs on Earth come from planets which are kind and loving, I assume that other ETs come from worlds that are warlike. Why don't you write so much about them?

A:  Indeed, some ETs do come from hostile and conquering worlds, and when they incarnate on Earth they can be called "negative Wanderers" ("negative" only in the sense that they reject universal love). There are far fewer of them here than benevolent Star People, but they can be found in the highest ranks of worldly power -- autocratic, controlling, intensely self-serving, and quite effective: "enjoying the fruits of power", as RA would say. The reason I don't dwell much upon their ways (in contrast to other channels and researchers who speak endlessly upon the evils doings of Greys, Reptoids, Draconians, and so on) is generally because most people aren't concerned with this sometimes troubling, always serious discussion. Additionally, my work is to amplify the Light, not battle its absence. In my understanding, the best way to serve is to radiate Light, not to oppose darkness. It is quite important, however, in the development of wisdom, to appreciate, understand, and not shy away from really coming to terms with the workings of negativity -- in fact, it is essential for those of us who want to fully embrace Unity. But not to fear, there's ample darkness around for deeper study!

Part II: Spiritual Growth, Healing and Meditation


Q: What is the best form of meditation?

A: On my travels around the world I've met many people who say they are doing some kind of meditation. However, when I ask them to explain exactly what they're doing, I usually find that almost no one has a disciplined practice with a clearly defined technique -- most people are using meditation for relaxation or journeying for information. In Buddhist and Hindu yogic traditions, meditation is a formal practice of concentration, one-pointedness, and insight into the nature of mind, self, and reality. In the long run it does lead to relaxation, but it goes a lot further than that. Essentially, it is a path to liberation from rebirth, ignorance, and all personal suffering.

Frankly, there's no one best technique, and there are countless practices from all world traditions that are suitable for different personality types. There are moving forms such as Tai Chi or Sufi Dancing, seated forms such as Zazen or Raja yoga, and meditations on breath, sound, imagery, the Guru, or some kind of ritual. It's best to seek the guidance of a genuine teacher from a tradition with which you feel some affinity. The bottom line is this: it must be a practice that leads to greater peace, clarity, self-understanding and compassion; it should help you develop a greater sense of will, strength, confidence, self-integration, and willingness to be of service to others. If so, then your practice is right on track. 

Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences

Q: How can I know the difference between dreams and real out-of-body experiences (OBEs)?

A: Active discernment and sensitivity to the quality of your experience is needed here. You can train yourself to learn to sense the difference in feeling between waking up from dreams, as opposed to returning to your physical body from night-time travel. A dream-feeling is often more diffuse, like fantasy or imagination, and far more self-circumscribed because it's truly To me, dreams feel like a movie in the head. On the other hand, a remembered OBE is usually fresh, vivid, and dynamic, mainly because it represents an objective interaction taking place at another level of being, simply recalled (usually in fragments) much later. Without a doubt, some practice is needed to refine this discernment, and using a dream journal to record your experiences can help.  

Sexuality and the Spiritual Path

Q: The RA Material said that their own ET race evolved on Venus, and that they used sexuality as a main spiritual practice. Can you explain more?

A: In Hindu and Buddhist traditions there's a branch of teachings called tantra ("rite or ritual", from Sanskrit) dealing with ceremonial magic, practice, and energy-direction. One element of this is sexual : exercises, meditations, and ritual involving two partners in physical union. The idea is that higher consciousness can be achieved through sanctified sexuality, that is, conscious sexual embrace that aims to blend mind/body/spirit of each partner in divine worship and blissful union. We all know the power of orgasm upon awareness; it is no less than a taste of ecstasy.

RA indicated that enormous energy transfers can occur during sexual union: love at the heart, wisdom at the throat, unity/forgiveness and will at the third eye, and mystery/infinity at the crown. They said that when two souls are both on the path of service to others then all the gates to infinite intelligence (God-consciousness) can be opened by such practice. True tantric yoga is based on caring, respect and unconditional freedom; specific ritual movements are secondary. Happily, I think we'll soon see a return to such practices, when Earth society becomes more balanced after Harvest.

Source: Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Path, © 2000

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