[ - ] shows commentary by Scott Mandelker


D = density / dimension

E = energy

R = ray / chakra / energy center

QUESTIONER: In seeking to be healed, a person would really be seeking a source of gathered and focused light energy. Could this be a crystallized healer, a pyramid shape, or something else?

RA: Yes, these are some of the ways that an entity may seek healing. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: What are some other ways that one can seek healing?

RA: Perhaps the greatest healer is within the self and may be tapped with continued meditation.

There are many forms of healing available to your peoples -- each has virtue and may be deemed appropriate by a seeker who wishes to alter their physical body conditions [their "illness"] or some connection between the various portions of their mind, body, and spirit energy fields. {v. III}

Self-Healing and the Use of a Healer

QUESTIONER: What is the difference between an individual healing himself, and using a healer?

RA: You have a misconception. The healer does not heal. The crystallized healer is a channel for intelligent energy which offers an opportunity to an entity that it might heal itself.

In no case is there an other description of healing. Therefore, there is no difference [between self-healing and the use of a healer] as long as the healer never approaches someone who has not yet made a request for their aid. This [basic self-healing-self process] is also true of the more conventional healers of your culture [medical doctors], and if these healers could but fully realize that they are responsible only for offering the opportunity of healing, and not for the healing itself, many of them would be relieved of an enormous load of misconceived responsibility. {v. III}

How Healing Occurs

QUESTIONER: Is healing done by the example of the healer?

RA: This is not entirely accurate. It is not by example that the healer does the working -- the true working exists in and of itself. The healer is only a catalyst. Energy healing is basically a form of channeling some aspect of intelligent infinity. {v. I}

True healing is simply the radiance of the self, causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur, which initiates the recognition of self, by self, of the self-healing properties of the self. {v. I}

The Roles of Healer and Patient

QUESTIONER: What is the role of the healer, and the responsibility of the one to be healed?

RA: The role of the healer is to offer an opportunity for realignment, or aid in realignment, of either (1) energy centers or (2) some connection between the energies of mind and body, spirit and mind, or spirit and body. This latter [problem: spirit-body connection] is very rare.

The seeker will then have the reciprocal opportunity to accept a novel view of the self, a variant arrangement of patterns of E influx. If the entity, at any level, desires to remain in the configuration of illness ["distortion"] which seems to need healing, it will do so. If, upon the other hand, the seeker chooses the novel configuration [non-distortion or healing], it is done through free will.

This is one great difficulty with other forms of energy transfer [non-love based healing], in that they do not carry through the process of free will as this process is not native to yellow-ray. [It is native to green-ray, R4, and above -- it is true spiritual healing respecting individual free will] {v. III}

Healing Transfer of Light

QUESTIONER: How does the transfer of cosmic light affect the patient to be healed?

RA: The effect is that of polarization. The entity may or may not accept any percentage of this polarized life-energy which is being offered. In the occasion of the laying on of hands, this energy is more specifically channeled and the opportunity for acceptance of this E similarly more specific.

In this form of working [laying-on of hands], you can see that the King's Chamber effect is not attempted but rather the offering to one whose energies are low, of the opportunity to build up  those energies. Many illnesses may be aided by such means [sending E for strengthening]. {v. III}

Philippine Psychic Surgery

QUESTIONER: It is my assumption that the healing offered through Philippine psychic surgery works by helping the patient reconfigure their own mind -- by observing the action of the healer, seeing the materialized blood, body organs, and so on. This affects the person's belief at the level of the roots of mind, so the patient can heal himself. Is this correct?

RA: This is correct. We may speak further on this type of opportunity. [Two cases are given]

(1) There are times when the illness to be treated is without emotional, mental, or spiritual interest to the person and is merely that which has, perhaps by chance genetic arrangement, occurred. In these cases, that which is apparently dematerialized will remain dematerialized and may be observed as so [dematerialized] by any observer.

(2) When the mal-condition or illness does have an emotional, mental, or spiritual charge, it is likely not to remain dematerialized -- in the sense that it will still appear in some form to an outside observer. However, if the opportunity for healing has truly been taken by the seeker, the apparent illness of the physical body [the condition which can still be observed] will differ from the actual health of the seeker [which will return to normal]. The patient will no longer experience the body illness, although it would appear they "should" since the diseased condition will still be observed.

For instance [an example of the first type of psychic healing], in this instrument [Carla] the removal of three small cysts was the removal of material that had no spiritual importance for her. Thus these growths remained dematerialized after her own psychic surgery experience.

In Carla's other psychic surgery [the second type of healing], her kidneys were carefully offered a new configuration of being-ness [health] which she embraced. However, this particular portion of her total self [the kidneys] carried a great deal of emotional, mental, and spiritual charge for her, due to the fact that they had caused her great illness -- which then led to a certain set of events which culminated in her conscious decision to be of service.

Therefore, any objective scanning of her renal complex would still indicate the rather extreme dysfunctional aspect which it showed previous to her psychic surgery experience [although the essential spiritual and physical healing had been successful, and her health improved].

The key to successful healing lies not in the continuation of the dematerialized illness to the eye of the beholder, but rather, lies in the choosing of the newly materialized configuration which exists in time/space. [True healing is subjective, non-physical, and internal to the person seeking it] {v. III}

The Inner Basis of Healing

QUESTIONER: Would you explain that last comment about "the configuration in time/space"?

RA: Healing is done in the time/space [non-physical] portion of the mind / body / spirit complex, is adopted by the form-making or etheric body, and is then given to the space/time physical body for use in the activated yellow-ray physical form. It is the adoption of a new configuration by the etheric body in time/space which is the key to health, not any event which occurs in space/time.

In this process you can see the transdimensional aspect of the will, for it is the will, the seeking, the desire of the entity which causes the indigo body [etheric body] to use the novel configuration and to reform the [physical, yellow-ray] body which exists in space/time. This is done in an instant and operates without regard to time.

For example, in the healing of very young children there is often an apparent healing by the healer in which the child has no part. However, this is never so, for the total self, the mind / body / spirit in time/space is always capable of willing the distortions [or illnesses] it chooses for experience -- no matter what the person's apparent age. [Both distortions and healing are self-willed] {v. III} 

QUESTIONER: Is this desire and will to heal, which operates through to the time/space self, a function of the person to be healed, or is it also a function of the crystallized healer?

RA: First we must say that this is [as always] the activity of the Creator. More specifically, we can say that the crystallized healer has no will. It simply offers an opportunity without attachment to the outcome, for it is aware that all is one and that the Creator is knowing Itself. [Whether or not there is physical healing, all conditions offer experience to the One Creator] {v. III}

Desire for Healing

QUESTIONER: Therefore, someone's desire to heal must be strong in order for healing to occur?

RA: This is correct on one level or another [Two cases are given]. In one case, an entity may not consciously seek healing, yet subconsciously be aware of the need to experience the new set of conditions which result from healing [thus, healing will occur]. Conversely, one may consciously desire healing greatly, but within their being at some level, there is some cause whereby certain configurations which seem quite distorted are, in fact, at that level, considered appropriate [often related to Higher Self programmed catalyst and the need for karmic rebalancing] {v. III} 

QUESTIONER: I assume the distortions are deemed appropriate because they could aid the entity in its reaching its ultimate objective, a movement along the path of evolution in the desired polarity.

RA: This is correct. {v. III} 

QUESTIONER: Then someone who seeks to serve others might be in the paradoxical situation of being unable to fully serve others, because of physical distortions he has chosen to continue his spiritual progress. It seems that if the person was aware of the mechanism of having chosen such distortions, he might use meditation to understand the necessary mental configuration to alleviate those physical conditions -- so he could be of greater service-to-others. Is this correct?

RA: You are correct, although we might add that there are often complex reasons why a soul will program a set of distorted physical conditions for their own experience. In any case, meditation is always an aid to knowing the self. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: As a general statement, I believe the overall picture of healer and patient is this:

Due to particular mind / body / spirit distortions, the person to be healed has created a blockage in one or more of his energy centers. Due to this, the upward spiraling light which sustains the 7 energy bodies cannot maintain that body and creates some form of imbalance, which results in some form of distortion or disease in [at least] the physical and etheric bodies.

The healer, having suitably configured its E centers, is able to channel the upward and downward pouring light though its activated and balanced E centers to the one to be healed. If the one to be healed has the mental configuration to accept this light, the light then enters their physical and etheric bodies to re-configure the distortion or illness which was created by the original blockage. Would you please correct my mistakes? [The question is not a perfect understanding of healing.]

RA: Your mistakes were small. We would not, at this time, attempt a great deal of refinement of that statement, but we would say that there are various forms of healing. In many, only the E of the adept [downward pouring light] is used. In others, some physical energy is also channeled.

We may further note that when the one wishing to be healed, though sincere, remains unhealed, you may consider pre-incarnative choices. It would be a more helpful to such a person to suggest that they meditate upon the affirmative uses of whatever limitations they might be experiencing. In these cases, the indigo-ray workings [and contact with Higher Self] are often of aid. {v. III}