[ - ] shows commentary by Scott Mandelker


D = density / dimension

E = energy

R = ray / chakra / energy center

QUESTIONER: For a 5th density adept, would self-knowledge, discipline of the personality, and control in strengthening the will be most important?

RA: Actually, these things are important all the way from 3rd density through early 7th density. The only correction that needs to be made to your question, concerns your use of the word "control". It is paramount to understand that it is not desirable or helpful to the growth of self-understanding for one to control one's thought processes or impulses -- except where they may result in actions not consonant with the Law of One.

Control may seem to be a short-cut to discipline, peace, and illumination. However, this very control potentiates and necessitates the further incarnative experience [future life-time catalyst] in  order to balance this control or repression of that self which is perfect.

Instead, we recommend you consider the value of "direction", in regards to the use of will. Acceptance of self, forgiveness of self, and the direction of the will; this is the path towards the disciplined personality. Your faculty of will is that which is powerful within you as co-Creator. You cannot ascribe to this faculty too much importance. Thus it must be carefully used and directed in service-to-others for those upon the positively oriented path.

There is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in ways reducing the polarity of the entity [unconsciously non-loving]. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: Other than self-knowledge, direction of will and the disciplines of personality, what else is important for our spiritual growth?

RA: This is technique. This is not the heart. Let us examine the heart of evolution.

Let us remember that we are all one. This is the great learning/teaching. In this unity lies love. This is a great learn/teaching. In this unity lies light. This is the fundamental teaching of all planes of existence in materialization. Unity, love, light, and joy; this is the heart of evolution of the spirit.

The second-ranking lessons are learned and taught in meditation and service. At some point, the entity becomes so smoothly activated and balanced by these central thoughts, that the techniques you have mentioned become quite significant. However, the universe, its mystery unbroken, is one. Always begin and end in the Creator, not in technique. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: To achieve the full abilities of the Creator, should we reharmonize our thinking with the Original Thought in a precise vibratory frequency, according to each of the 7 energy rays?

RA: Your statement, though correct, bears great potential for being misunderstood. The precision with which each E center matches the Original Thought lies not in the systematic placement of each E ray -- but rather, in the fluid placement of the balanced blending of these E centers in such a way that intelligent E can channel itself with minimal distortion [being unique to each soul].

The mind/body/spirit complex is not a machine. It is rather what you might call a tone poem. {v. III}

Disciplines of Personality and the Indigo-ray

QUESTIONER: What kind of balance is achieved by the disciplines of personality ?

RA: The disciplined personality, when faced with an other soul, has all of its centers balanced according to its own unique balance. Thusly, the other soul looks in a mirror and sees its self. {v. III} 

QUESTIONER: The disciplines of the personality are the paramount work of any who have become consciously aware of the process of evolution. Is this correct?

RA: Quite. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: How do these disciplines affect the E centers and power of the white magician?

RA: The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold. One, know your self. Two, accept your self. Three, become the Creator.

The third step is that step which, when accomplished, renders one the most humble servant of all, transparent in personality and completely able to know and accept other-selves.

In relation to the pursuit of the magical working, the continuing discipline of the personality involves the adept in knowing its self, accepting its self, and thus clearing the path [along the E centers] towards the great indigo gateway to the Creator.

To become the Creator is to become all that there is. There is, then, no personality in the sense with which the adept begins its learning. As the consciousness of the indigo ray becomes more crystalline, more work may be done -- more may be expressed from intelligent infinity. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: How do the disciplines of the personality feed the indigo-ray center and affect the power of the white magician?

RA: The indigo ray is the ray of the adept. There is an identification between the crystallization of that energy center and the improvement of the working of the mind / body / spirit as it begins to transcend space/time balancing, and to enter the combined realms of space/time and time/space. {v. III}

Indigo-ray and the Lower Chakras

QUESTIONER: Do the disciplines of personality feed the indigo-ray E center and affect the power of the white magician, by unblocking the lower E centers and allowing for the free flow of upward spiraling light to reach the indigo center?

RA: No. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: Will you please correct me?

RA: The indigo center is indeed most important for the work of the adept. However, no matter how crystallized, it cannot correct to any extent whatsoever imbalances or blockages in other five energy centers. They must and need to be cleared seriatim from red-ray upwards. {v. III}

Two Forms of

QUESTIONER: What is the difference between the upward spiraling light that enters through the feet, and the spiritual light that is invoked through the crown chakra?

RA: The action of the upward spiraling light drawn by the will to meet the inner light of the One Infinite Creator may be likened to the beating of the heart and all the other functions of the parasympathetic nervous system. The calling of the adept may be likened to those nerve and muscle actions over which the mind/body/spirit [or soul] has conscious control. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: Is it correct then that where these two directions of light [what chakra-level] meet is the measure of the development of the particular soul?

RA: This is correct... The upward spiraling light which is developed in its path by the will, and ultimately reaches an high place of mating with the inward fire of the One Creator, is still only the preparation for further work upon the mind/body/spirit which may be done by the adept. During all true magical workings, there is some further crystallization of the energy centers that the adept is using, so that over time the magician becomes more and more that which it seeks. {v. III}

Magical Healing and Free Will

QUESTIONER: Many Christian evangelists in our society seem to have great desire and will, and possibly even great polarity, but it seems that they lack of awareness and thus cannot make an effective magical working in serving others. Is this true?

RA: You are partially correct. In examining the polarity of a service-to-others working, the free will must be seen as paramount. These teachers are attempting to generate positive changes in consciousness [in their followers], while at the same time abridging their free will. This creates a blockage of the magical nature of the working, except in those cases wherein an entity freely desires to accept their particular working. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: It might seem to the outside observer that an adept's healing or magical working would infringe someone's free will, since it's not "normal". Isn't this a paradox for any healer?

RA: We are humble messengers of the Law of One. To us there are no paradoxes. The workings which seem magical and, therefore, seem to infringe upon free will do not, in themselves, do so -- for the distortions of perception are as many as the witnesses, and each witness sees what it desires to see. Infringement upon free will occurs in this circumstance only if the entity doing the working ascribes the authorship of this event to its self or its own skills.

He who states that no working comes from it but only through it, is not infringing on free will. {v. III}

Positive and Negative Empowerment

QUESTIONER: Through free will, can both positive and negative adepts access cosmic power?

RA: Those who are upon the service-to-others path may call upon the light strength in direct proportion to the strength and purity of their will to serve. Those upon the service-to-self path may call upon the dark strength in direct proportion to the strength and purity of their will to serve. {v. III}

Magical Words and Light Invocation

QUESTIONER: You stated that a magical working in service to others has the potential of alerting a great mass of light strength. How does this work and what would it be used for?

RA: There are certain [sacred] words which act much like your dialing a telephone. When they are appropriately vibrated, with accompanying will and concentration, it is as though many souls upon your metaphysical or inner planes received a telephone call. These 'spirits' can then answer this call by paying attention to your working. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: There are many of these words, both used in the church as well as by adepts. What is the difference in effect between the sacred words used in churches and the specifically magical incantations used by the adepts?

RA: If all those who used these words in your churches were adepts consciously full of will and seeking, of concentration and conscious knowledge of the calling, there would be no difference. The efficacy of the calling is a function of the magical qualities of those who call; that is, their desire to seek the altered state of consciousness desired. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: You spoke previously about certain sacred Hebrew and Sanskrit words being powerful because they were mathematically related to the structure of Creation. How is this so?

RA: As we previously stated, the linkage is mathematical and related to musical ratio. Some on Earth have tried to resolve this mathematical ratio, but as these words are presently used, the coloration of the intoned vowel is part of the vibration which cannot be accurately measured. However, it is equivalent to types of rotation of your primary material particles [3D atomic life] {v. III}

QUESTIONER: If these sounds were to be precisely vibrated, then what effect or use, with respect to the purposes of the adept, would they have?

RA: You may consider the concept of sympathetic resonance. When certain sounds are correctly vibrated, the creation sings. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: Would these sounds be of a musical nature, with an arrangement of many different sounds, or would there be just one single note?

RA: Your question is not easy to answer. In some cases, only the intoned vowel has effect. In other cases, most notably Sanskrit combinations, the selection of harmonic intervals is also of a resonant nature. {v. III}

QUESTIONER: Then would the adept use this resonant quality to become more at-one with the Creation and, therefore, attain his objective in that way?

RA: It would perhaps be more accurate to state that, in this circumstance, the creation becomes more and more contained within the practitioner. But the balance of your query is correct. {v. III}

The Workings of Jesus

QUESTIONER: How did Jesus [a 4th density Wanderer] learn healing during his incarnation?

RA: He learned this ability by a natural kind of remembering at a very young age. Unfortunately, he first discovered his ability to penetrate intelligent infinity by becoming angry at a playmate. He then touched this playmate and fatally wounded [killed] him.

Jesus thus became aware that there dwelt in him a terrible potential. He determined to discover how to use this energy for the good, not for the negative. He was extremely positively polarized and remembered more [from past lives and the home-density] than most Wanderers do. {v. I}

QUESTIONER: What was the orientation of the communication offered by Jesus of Nazareth?

RA: Jesus offered himself as a teacher to those who gathered to hear him, and even then, he spoke in a veiled way so as to leave room for those not wishing to hear. When he was asked to heal, it oft times did so, always ending the working with two admonitions: Firstly, that the entity healed had been healed by its own faith -- that is, its ability to allow and accept changes through violet-ray into the gateway of intelligent energy. Secondly, he always said, "Tell no one".

By these ways of working, he was attempting to maintain the maximal quality of free will [in those who sought his healing], while still keeping fidelity to the positive purity of the working. {v. III}  

QUESTIONER: Jesus accumulated twelve disciples. What was his purpose in having them?

RA: What is the purpose of teaching if there be no one to learn? Those drawn to Jesus were accepted by him without regard for any outcome. Jesus accepted the honor/duty placed upon him by his nature and his sense that to speak was his mission. {v. III}

The Magical Personality

QUESTIONER: The three aspects of the magical personality are stated to be power, love, and wisdom. Is this correct, and are these the only primary aspects of the magical personality?

RA: These "three aspects of the magical personality" -- power, love, and wisdom -- are given this importance so that you pay attention to each aspect in developing the basic tool of the adept; that is, the total Self. However, this is by no means a personality of just three aspects. The magical personality is a being of unity, a being of 6th density, equivalent to what you call Higher Self, and at the same time is a personality enormously rich in variety of experience and subtlety of emotion.

The three aspects are given that the neophyte not abuse the tools of its trade, but rather approach those tools balanced in the center of love and wisdom, and thus seeking power in order to serve. {v. III}

Path of the True Adept

QUESTIONER: You previously said that, "the true adept lives more and more as it is" . What do you mean by this?

RA: Each entity is the Creator. The entity, as it becomes more and more conscious of its self, gradually comes to the turning point at which it determines to seek either in service to others or in service to self. This seeker then becomes the adept when it has balanced with minimal adequacy the energy centers red, orange, yellow, and blue with the addition of the green for the positive, thus moving into indigo work [direct work through the spirit complex and R6-R7 activation].

The adept then begins to do less of the preliminary or outer work, having to do with function, and begins to effect the inner work which has to do with being. As the adept becomes a more and more consciously crystallized entity, it gradually manifests more and more of that which it always has been since before time; that is, the One Infinite Creator. {v. III}