The Facing of Human Destiny

The next stage of the end times has now begun...

Two years hence, we may look back on the 1990s as a relatively peaceful time -- because I think the next few years will reveal the face of human negativity in all its grotesque forms. Do not underestimate the significance of the clearly apparent satanic head formed in the black smoky wreaths of destruction of the World Trade Center (above photo, left; enlargement below).

Face in Smoke at WTC

According to its sources, the photo was not retouched, and shows what really did appear on the building. It may be a cruel hoax, but I won't be surprised if it is not. For those willing to really confront real "evil," it is important to consider if this is a portent of things to come and the invisible dark forces coming to manifestation.

However, so-called evil is not the real enemy. First of all, 3D can never be emptied of all those who have chosen, or will choose the path of self-service (seeking power via control without love), and when you destroy one hydra-head another sprouts in its place. Secondly, violence only breeds violence, hate engenders hate, and there can never be "a war to end all wars" -- despite the claims of so-called world leaders. It is not our Path, nor the Creator's desire to cause more unjust suffering.

Paraphrasing Ghandi, "an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind," and there has never been, nor shall ever be a "holy war." Indeed, it is through seduction by this idea of "holy war" that humanity has arrived at the present crisis. The successful deployment of this poison pill concept into the collective psyche is, to me, the single greatest achievement of the negative ET federation in the last 5,000 years. You can still see it going strong everywhere, sowing bitter seeds of further vengeance and mutually assured destruction. The fountainhead of action is belief, and that is where we must work to assure this does not happen again.

I totally support just retribution, and I can understand and appreciate the grim satisfaction of revenge -- but in the end, our real enemies are internal: human fear and ignorance. Fear of peering in the face of evil and knowing its real nature, and ignorance of cosmic plan, our own self-nature and soul path are the real elements that landed us in the present predicament. World peace starts with inner peace, and without inner peace, there can be no appreciation of true justice and human rights, which are the only basis for lasting harmony, inner and outer.

For those who seek true spiritual maturity, facing the existence, scope, and rank horror of the self-service path is essential. We need not flinch, deny or rationalize it away -- we are not children, and we can face it. Evil is simply that which seeks pain, and stems from its own intelligent design, albeit devoid of heart. It is not accidental nor some aberration of cosmic plan, and the mindset of those who choose hate, here and abroad, has its own intentionality. This is not to justify it in any way, but to simply confront its nature and internal logic.

Furthermore, so-called evil is rife in the collective psyche of Earth humanity, whether or not we like or realize it. For those with eyes to see, it is all around us, and truth be told, even the peace loving contribute to it in subtle ways -- such as living in denial, and trusting appearances. As in the Matrix, human control structures are everywhere, yet few of us are willing to fully disengage. In space/time perception, there should be no denial of what we call "evil," and yet, it is not the whole story.

While the appearance of a satanic Face in the Tower doesn't bode well for world peace, many of us will meet the coming times with an outpouring of love and compassion never before seen in human history. How we respond to the precipitation of evil in whatever form, and the countless other small and great challenges of personal life, is a wholly individual matter. Yet, keeping the world view, it is clear that this next phase is an unprecedented opportunity for accelerated polarized spiritual growth (service-to-self or service-to-other) for all human souls. And this is exactly what we already see occurring in all nations, just since that fateful day of September 11.

As Harvest approaches, the planet's increasing 4th density vibrational field will intensify polarization of all who are tending in one direction or the other -- towards hatred and violence, or towards love, peace and justice. In simple terms, "the bad will grow worse, and the good grow better." Thus we see many of our fellow Americans calling for revenge, national attack and defense, meeting extreme aggression with even greater force. "You can't fuck with us, we'll wipe you out," goes the yell. And yet, while justice, security and appropriate punishment are essential, nationalistic rage and revenge, no matter how satisfying in the short term, are ultimately self-destructive and wholly within the ever-spinning cycle of violence. An eye for an eye does lead to total blindness.

At the same time, millions of people have given blood, food, money, and relief of all kinds. World churches are filled with prayer for those who suffered, and ecumenical inter-faith rallies bring many to common ground. Peace vigils are taking place all over the world in memory of those who died, and newspapers are full of stories of heroism, selfless rescue, personal sacrifice and kindness in a thousand forms. This, the Way of love and unity (service-to-others) is our second option, and indeed, many more people will polarize in this direction than in the former, the Way of death (self-service).

Many Wanderers have been wondering when the long-predicted socio-economic upheaval, global warfare, and massive Earth Changes would start -- or if we had all actually done our work so well that these things wouldn't have to happen. Frankly, and not surprising to me, I think the bulk of these experiences are still before us, which this is what I think this "next phase" we have entered is all about. With the events of September 11, I believe we are much closer to the manifestation of war on the global stage, extreme instability on the geophysical, and volatility in the socio-economic.

As stated above, I think this phase will last 5-8 years, until about 2006-2009 AD. During this time, I think we'll see the bulk of the Earth Changes that are to be, and the final bids for global domination and control by those who seek to rule the world (those most highly polarized on the self-service path). The most difficult experiences we've long feared (or simply wondered about), appear much closer than they were before September 11. If and when they crystallize and precipitate onto the physical plane, it will literally be a global fever breaking -- and yet, a part of Earth's healing and the human opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth. Crisis and opportunity are dealt together.

In 1981, when replying to a question regarding the development and potential use of high-energy weapons (particle beam and psychotronic) by human leadership in the next few decades, the ET group RA answered clearly with a statement of heavy portent:

"The amount of destruction that is contained in this technology is considerable... We carefully watch these developments in hopes that your peoples are able to be harvested in peace."

(The Law of One, vol. V, p. 17-19)

And thus we see the worst-case scenario of the last major phase of the end-times: hugely destructive global warfare at Harvest, the time of world ascension. Indeed, part of the horror of September 11 was a recognition by many that what had just happened was akin to our greatest fear. And yet, it need not happen, but in my view, it is spiritually immature to avert our glance from what is scary.

In my opinion, to consider such a thing is not to help bring it about, and I don't agree with those who reflexively say, "don't speak of it, your thoughts will make it happen." Actually, viewing such an awful potential with clear mind and open heart is probably the best way to avoid making it happen, as we infuse those thought forms with love-light, and reduce their collective charge. In any case, this is part of the fear we must now face-- the fear of total global annihilation.

Yet, if we turn eyes upward, we find cosmic glory too. As blazing in the MilkHill, England crop design of August 2000 (photo above, right), there is an alternative to human despair. We are not alone, we have never been, and we have tremendous love and power available from those in other dimensions that guide our evolution. Not that we need pray or implore their intervention, but it behooves us to get their message: universal life is real, potent, and beauteous -- and as we open to it, both within and without, it shall take form. While humanity seems chronically self-destructive, the cosmos is a realm of boundless love.

And thus, at the commencement of the last phase of the human 3D cycle, leading straight to the time of global graduation and assumption of Earth's 4D raiment of beauty and joy, we are faced with the task of facing the two roads ahead: rank evil and stupendous glory. You who read this have surely made your choice -- though if you take a close look, you'll find the majority of humans here have not fully made theirs. True spiritual polarization demands more than merely "hoping for happiness," and involves the clear direction of the will towards the One. In the next few years, I am sure many will certify to their own choice of path, and join the ranks of those who serve others in love.

In this time of rapid change -- inner, outer, and secret -- I pray that we find the strength to face all that we must, and find the power to choose our way clearly, moment by moment. Seeing the external is seeing the internal, knowing the world is knowing ourselves, and finding our intrinsic spiritual power is reconnection to the Source of all. This is far beyond a mental process, and we ourselves determine the degree of our transmutation. The Earth has chosen Its Way, as we must choose Ours.

San Francisco, USA
September 17, 2001