Sun Circle


Like many of us today, I believe this is my last life on Earth, in 3D human society. This knowing came slowly, over the course of many years, and followed upon scores of out-of-body experiences and minor spiritual awakenings. While it may sound fantastic, I believe many of us now in human bodies are near the end of "our last go-round." You may even feel this yourself, and if so, you're not alone. Doing counseling for the past 10 years, and teaching spiritual matters in the US, Japan, and Israel, I've met many that feel the same.

When I was much younger, I was totally confused about life on Earth, and deeply troubled by the destructive, materialistic, non-loving ways of global culture -- so much given to warring, dogma, and arrogant spiritual apathy. While I don't think conditions have changed all that much since then -- just take a peek at nightly news, or daily headlines -- I myself have changed, and at last, grown up a bit. This, I am sure, is just the same for you. Life-experience is a fine teacher, and spiritual maturity comes without fail to those who seek to know.

Honestly though, I don't think I could have achieved whatever degree of peace with human society I have today (imperfect peace I assure you!), without all the paranormal, interdimensional experiences that I had -- set in a matrix of 20 years of Buddhist meditation. Beyond the shell of physical form, I met (and remembered that I met) a whole host of characters. The repertoire includes beings whom we'd call extra-terrestrial, inner plane teachers, adepts, and strange magicians, as well as my ET family with whom I have most ancient ties -- far exceeding the length of this one little lifespan.

Coming to glimpse the meaning of these events, and keeping them foremost during my waking, daytime life, I've been able to link the experience of both realms. I've become a "bridge-man", holding a candle on the midnight bridge from this world to the next -- not from mere hope or fantasy, but from gnosis and personal experience. No matter how lonely it is, I've chosen to retain contact with the trans-human, greater Self and Life I've met. If you choose to truly own your trans-human experiences, you too will need to learn to stand alone.

Again, I don't think my case is special, as the same cosmic realm surrounds us all. Many of us have the same experiences, but simply don't remember them. In the course of public teaching, I rarely speak of such matters. No matter how glitzy they may seem upon re-telling; my own interdimensional events are not particularly important to others. All soul-paths are unique, and we certainly shouldn't try to imitate each other. Even for the one who has such experiences, their chief value is simply the degree to which they can distill meaning, then apply it to their normal 3D life.

For myself, the primary effect of these experiences has been to answer essential questions, and bring sense to the meaning of my current daytime life on Earth. Though I could surely be wrong, I have no doubt about a host of issues that confound New Age seekers -- causing many to chase their own tails. Of course, I don't know everything, and my virtue is not complete -- but I have learned something from life on the bridge.

From such "far journeys", I've learned the cosmic plan is vast, caring, and intelligent; that the purpose of life on Earth is simply "to learn the ways of love", and that this is a profoundly difficult task not yet achieved by most gurus and spiritual teachers. I've learned, too, that love is not enough. For real spiritual maturity, it must be balanced with wisdom. 

I've learned that the Creator's boundless Love is expressed in the Law of Free Will, and there really is a 'negative path' of cosmic 'evil' -- yet it is but a choice, freely granted by the Creator, without blame or shame. The path of no-love does, at last, return to Godhead -- and there is no real tragedy in the divine play. Likewise, there are no victims on the stage of human experience, and the entire karmic drama is but a reflection of inner self, projected on the screen of Creation as personal experience, to inspire self-understanding through opportunity to make clear choices, moment by moment. 

I've also learned that most of the elder ETs have little interest in UFO studies: their main concern is our own self-generated evolution. I've also learned that most ET channels these days do great disservice to the higher dimensional groups they claim to represent. In my experience, the elder souls in higher dimensions are pretty darn serious, sober, and grave. They're not at all cheery, breezy, and light -- and their deeper teachings demand effort to absorb. The mind of those in higher dimensions is far more subtle and exquisite than we know. 

And finally, I've learned that this life is but a slice of the infinite, that nothing can be wholly known or understood in 3D, that total and uncompromising self-acceptance is key to spiritual 'growth', and that indeed, from the perspective of Unity, there is no "path" at all -- only radical perfection now and forever. Thus, uncovering my cosmic roots -- which is shared by many of us -- lead to greater peace and inner ease, which radiates both within and without. As RA, my root-teacher says, "the strength of the inner light depends on the strength of our seeking that light." We hold the keys to our liberation, and that liberation is already fully achieved. Clearing the obstructions to our true nature, both mental and energetic, is the greatest work we can do for self, others, and the Universe.